Membership Information

The Milwaukee & Northern Railway Historical Society (MNRHS), also known as the Neenah-Menasha Model Railroad Club (NMMRRC), is seeking like-minded individuals to join us.

We would love to meet people who share our interest to:

  • develop and operate our model railroad.
  • preserve and share the history of our prototype railroad.
  • preserve (and someday restore) our historic depot.

Anyone interested in model railroading in general, not just the Milwaukee & Northern specifically, can apply for membership.

Even though our model railroad is O-scale, you don’t have to be an O-scaler to join our group. Many aspects of model railroading are not scale specific, such as scenery, operations, et al. Several of our members primarily model in HO-scale, but enjoy the opportunity to build rolling stock or structures in a larger scale once in a while.

We also have a 3-rail O-gauge layout, which some members enjoy instead of, or in addition to, the 2-rail O-scale.

Actually, some of our members have no interest in model railroading whatsoever. They choose to maintain membership in our Society just to support our cause.

How do I become a member, you ask?

When some interested individual applies for membership, there is a six month probationary period, sans dues. This allows the prospective member and the existing members to find out if they would be a fit for each other. If the prospective member wishes to join our Society at the end of the probationary period, the membership votes to accept or decline.

Membership dues are $20 per quarter, $10 for students. Dues can be paid quarterly or annually.

If you are interested in checking us out, stop by our depot (323 W. Forest Ave., Neenah, WI) on one of our meeting nights. Our annual open house in December offers another chance to visit and see what we are all about.

If you have any questions regarding membership, e-mail us.

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