Reminders of the Milwaukee & Northern Menominee Branch

The M&N constructed a 24.8-mile (some references state 23.9-mile) branch line from Ellis Junction, Wis. (now Crivitz, Wis.), to Marinette, Wis., and Menominee, Mich., in 1884. The branch is currently operated by the Escanaba & Lake Superior (E&LS or ELS). Most of it is currently used for car storage, but the portions in Marinette and Menominee are still active.

An E&LS crew prepares to park ELS 1201 in the engine house at the former M&N yard at Menominee, Mich., on 2 November 2018. I’m not sure when this engine house was erected, but it was likely built by Milwaukee Road (MILW) to replace the original M&N roundhouse and turntable here. Photograph by Tom Bruss.

An E&LS train, led by ILSX 1338, crosses Hwy. 141 as it pulls some cars out of storage and into the former M&N yard at Crivitz (originally Ellis Junction), Wis., on 30 September 2014. Photograph by Tom Bruss.